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Vacation Blog - #SaveSyriasChildren

                I believe this post will be about a Syrian little girl and what war is doing to them. I'll post the video that I happened upon....think about it afterwords.

       When I happened upon this video on Facebook it was through one of my mom's posts. I watched it and thought if this is happening why are people so mad about Syrian refugees coming here(We've seen the one with the news reporter tripping a man and his kid. Which I can post under this).....we would do it. We would go over to Syria if we were being attacked. They see America as a safe place where they can be safe and protected. To tell you also, even though this was a video about a kid, it's happening to the mom and others too, they both look sad. I mean look at her when she lost her dad and the soldier pinched her cheek or when she got that little cake and didn't even try to do anything. We would do the same exact thing....we would run too. All people would.    

Friday, November 6, 2015


This Section Provides Short Descriptions Of Issues:

Illegal Immigration - How many, Costs, Crime, Public Health, Social Security, Employment, "Sanctuary," Temporary Protected Status, Attrition, Border control, Mexican government, Cubans, Anchor babies, Diluting citizen's representation.

Legal Immigration - How many, Legislative options, Naturalization, Chain migration, Dual nationality, Public charge exclusion, Entry paths (Family, Employer, Refugee, Asylum, Lottery).

National Security - 9/11 Attacks, Loopholes, Secure ID, Entry-Exit record, Policy recommendations, Visa waiver program, NAFTA Highway, North American union.

Labor and Economics - Job displacement, Labor market, Economy, Welfare, Wages in agriculture, Costs, Employer sanctions, Free trade agreements.

Guest Workers - Temporary visa types, High-tech, agricultural workers, unskilled, company transfers.

Population and Environment - Population growth, Sprawl, Traffic, Fresh water resources.

Societal Issues - Assimilation, Poverty, Schools, Hate Crimes, Hit-and-run, Brain drain, Revanchism and Aztlan, Non-citizen voting, Opinion polls.

Outside Information: 
Immigration Issues | Federation for American Immigration Reform

Border Patrol On Immigration

What Is Border Patrol?:

 . An agency within the US Department of Homeland Security responsible for preventing the entry of illegal aliens as well as terrorists and their weapons into the United States.

These are the ways the Border Patrol protects the boundaries:
. Functions as the initial component of a comprehensive, immigration enforcement system;
. Prevents the entry of terrorists, drug traffickers, criminals, and other persons who may subvert the national interest;
. Deters illegal immigration through the detection of fraudulent documents and entry schemes;
. Initiates prosecutions against individuals who attempt or aid and abet illegal entry;
. Cooperates with international, Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to achieve mutual objectives;
. Contributes to the development and implementation of foreign policy related to the entry of persons;
. Facilitates the entry of persons engaged in commerce, tourism, and/or other lawful pursuits;
. Respects the rights and dignity of individuals;
. Examines individuals and their related documents in a professional manner;
. Assists the transportation industry to meet its requirements;
. Responds to private sector interests, in conformance with immigration law;
. Continues to employ innovative methods to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the inspections process.

The Border Patrol also known as U.S. Customs and Border Protection deal a lot with immigrants and if they are not illegal immigrants they must show the officers proof that they are a citizen and fit into one of the non-immigrant classifications.

So what happens to an undocumented immigrant when they cross over and get caught? 
 . put into custody of ICE(immigration and customs enforcement)
. 48-hour Detainer
. placement into removal proceedings
. release on Immigration bond
. contact family or friends

Outside Information:
Immigration Inspection Program | U.S. Customs and Border Protection
What Happens When an Undocumented (Illegal) Immigrant Is Caught? |

Latin American Immigrants

Latin American Immigration:

 Latin American people leave their homeland usually for the 'American Dream' but another reason is that their life is hard due to poverty, political instability, and recurring financial crisis. So could we do something to help their country and people prosper?

Another issue is that America itself is quite rude to Latin America from previous overthrows of the government, financing atrocities, pushing trade policies, and dealing blows to local economies. So maybe America should start to be a little nicer to our neighbor.

1) Took over almost half of New Mexico
2) Colonized Puerto Rico in 1898
3) Took over Cuba and out a navel base there
4) Invaded and occupied Cuba two more times
5) Invaded Nicaragua and occupied the country for two decades
6) Invaded Haiti and occupied the country for nearly 20 years
7) Invaded the Dominican Republic in 1916
8) Overthrew Guatemala's elected government in 1954
9) Organized the Bay Of Pigs invasion in 1961
10) Supported the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Brazil
11) Helped overthrow Chile's elected government in 1973
12) Backed a military dictatorship in Argentina that killed 30,000 people
13) Paid a failed rebel army to overthrow the Nicaraguan government
14) Invaded Haiti again in 1994
15) Fomented a rebellion in Panama in order to build a canal
16) Backed the Salvadoran military as it committed atrocities in the 1980's
17) Refuses to control the flow of weapons into Mexico
18) Helped create today's drug cartels
19) Pushed trade policies that lead to unemployment        

Outside Information:
19 Reasons Latin Americans Come To The U.S. That Have Nothing To Do With The American Dream

Asian Immigration

Asian Immigration: 

In 2015 the most immigrants that come in legally, which most of them do now except for the small minority that do cross the borders illegally. But they make up a small percent so why are Asians the most abundant ethnic group?

The United States is diverse from these following six nationalities:
1) Chinese
2) Filipino
3) Indian
4) Vietnamese
5) Korean
6) Japanese
. Because of these different cultures they are diverse, bring language skill sets, and different economic and demographic traits
. San Diego has the greatest proportion of the 10 largest cities
. 3/4 live in California, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, Washington, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania
. the population doubled in 2012

                             What about their effect on the economy?
. owned 1.5 billion businesses
. employed = 208 million people
.  they hold the fastest growing buying power

                              So what are the issues?
. the politicians, lawmakers, and even the general public overlook this ethnic group because they all think that they achieved the 'American Dream'
. they struggle to stay in America as well
. also bringing in a lot of population
Quick Fact:
 . May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It is a celebration of the cultures of this diverse group, as well as an opportunity to educate the public on the past and present contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the social fabric of America.
 . What is a Pacific Islander?: A native or inhabitant of any of the islands in the South Pacific, especially an indigenous person of Polynesia.  

                                            Outside Information:
Asian Immigrants in the United States Today | Center for American Progress
Demographics of Asian Americans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. Why Immigration Is an Asian American Issue | Center for American Progress

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Facts and Beliefs on Immigration

Immigration: What Is It?

    the movement of people into another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there, especially as permanent residents or future citizens. 

    I believe that the people who come over should be allowed but in small spurts and not in mass boat loads. These people should be checked thoroughly for signs of sickness, or family related to them in the United States, and signs of terrorism, sadly. Because of now lately more people from ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, are coming in and also Donald Trump, our presidential candidate, states all kinds of words and ideas about the immigrants coming in from Mexico(There'll be a video below.) 
    So how many immigrants do you think are living in the United States now? Why not try about 40.7 million in 2012.  These numbers include foreign-born naturalized citizens: 18.6 million, 22.1 million non-citizens; which approximately 13.3 million are legal permanent residents, 11.3 million are unauthorized migrants, and finally 1.9 million were on temporary visas.      

. Studies show that they are more likely to start and own their own business rather than native-born Americans 
. Majority of foreign born are from Latin America, Asia, and some from Europe and Africa
. Across country there are 904,000 LGBT adult immigrants 
. Incarceration rates are lower among young men of Mexico, Salvador, and Guatemala 

Donald Trump Speech On Immigration:  

Do you think Trump is pushing it or do you agree?

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